Gloria Payne

Gloria Payne came to Marysville Care Center in Marysville, Washington, for rehabilitation on April 2, 2017.


Payne was healing from infection, and she was severely weakened. She could not walk or stand at all when she arrived, and she needed extensive assistance to bathe. She needed moderate assistance to get in and out of bed and transfer from one surface to another, as well as to get dressed.


Six days a week, Payne worked with physical and occupational therapists to recover her independence. Physical therapists trained her with progressive resistive exercises to strengthen her muscles and had her use the recumbent stepper exercise machine to build cardiovascular strength and endurance. They also did transfer and gait training.


Occupational therapy retrained Payne in activities of daily living to prepare her for returning home. OTs helped her build her activity tolerance and improve her standing balance.


“It’s probably the finest therapy I’ve ever had because everyone is so nice to me and made it fun,” said Payne. “I enjoyed the stay here a great deal.”


“Gloria has progressed from requiring assistance for all movement out of bed to being able to walk more than 100 feet in a few weeks with all her hard work,” said Melody Watson, director of rehab at Marysville Care Center.


Payne returned home with family support on May 18. She is also able to take care of her personal grooming with supervision and get dressed on her own.

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