Maria VanKlaveren

Maria VanKlaveren was in need of extensive rehabilitation when she came to Marysville Care Center in Washington on May 29, 2016.


VanKlaveren had visited the facility previously for rehabilitation after a heart attack. This time, she needed rehab for a total hip replacement.


When VanKlaveren arrived, she required maximum assistance. She needed help sitting up, she could not tolerate physical activity for very long and her balance was poor, putting her at a high risk of falling.


Physical and occupational therapists evaluated VanKlaveren and began working with her six times a week. Physical therapists addressed balance using the Timed Up and Go Test. Occupational therapists helped retrain her in self-care tasks needed at home. Therapists also addressed strength, range-of-motion and gait activities with a front-wheeled walker. 


“Mary was a pleasure to work with and very diligent in completing therapy," said Ryan McCann, director of physical therapy. “Her determination to return home was without question, and it showed in her rapid recovery.”


When VanKlaveren was ready to go home, she was able to walk farther using a front-wheeled walker. She also had improved strength and balance and was able to complete self-care tasks on her own.


“I have been here a few times,” said VanKlaveren. “First from the heart attack, and I was able to go home to Grandview Village [an assisted living facility]. This time I came from hip surgery. The therapy is good here, and I was able to return home again.”


VanKlaveren returned to her home at Grandview Village on June 28.