The king and queen

On June 18, 2016, residents “King” Robert Stecher and “Queen” Mary Simmons represented Marysville Care Center in the Marysville, Washington, 85th annual local Strawberry Festival parade.


Each year, the city of Marysville puts on a week-long Strawberry Festival, and on the last day there is a grand parade. Local skilled nursing and assisted living facilities nominate a senior king and queen to ride in the parade and represent their facility.


This year’s Marysville Care Center’s king and queen were chosen by the facility’s interdisciplinary team. Several factors are taken into account when choosing who will represent the facility. These include how active the residents are within the facility, whether they are in long-term care, if they are long-time Marysville residents and whether they would enjoy the experience.


“It was such a fun and new thing to do,” said Stecher.


“It was the most amazing experience,” shared Simmons.


A local volunteer drove the king and queen in a limited edition Lincoln Continental.


Local news outlets interviewed the two, and they had their picture featured in the Everett Herald.

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