Resident Lynn Ellis attends to flowers.

By Heather Hartman, activity director


The residents at Marysville Care Center in Marysville, Washington, have been working hard with Debbie Haggin, activity assistant, to create a masterpiece out of the little plots of dirt and previously empty flower beds in our Havenwood courtyard this year.


Back in February, the residents and activity staff planted tiny seeds of squash, cucumbers, herbs, carrots and flowers. They were kept and cared for in the facility’s greenhouse and on windowsills around the building.


As the weather warmed up, the seeds were transplanted into the ground along the building and into pots. With the dedication from associates and residents, our garden has truly blossomed to life.


We have harvested carrots, radishes and herbs. We are watering and waiting for the copious amounts of squash, tomatoes and pumpkins we can see ripening on the vine.


The residents love sitting on the patio on warm, sunny days, dead heading the petunias, watering the garden and enjoying the each other’s company in the garden they have gown.


“It was hard work but so delicious and worth it,” said one of the residents.

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